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Michael Laing
6 September 1963

Old punk rocker from Edinburgh, Scotland. Bassist. Photographer. Passionate about punk and metal music. Doesn't like cars yet. Believes wealth should be distributed according to need, not greed. Doesn't possess a televisual apparatus. Zero interest in football. Vegetarian. Definitely a bit of a Luddite.

I very much welcome new friends, but I won't add anonymous profiles. It's important for me to know with whom I'm interacting, so if your profile or user-icons don't include a photo of yourself, I won't add you.

Stuff I love:
Afternoons in the pub ★ Beautiful women ★ Big boots ★ Cats ★ Co-operation ★ Creativity ★ Equality ★ Freedom ★ Guitar solos ★ Heavy metal ★ Hot goth babes ★ LiveJournal ★ Meaningful conversation ★ Peace ★ Punk style ★ Railways, trains and travelling ★ Stockings ★ Scottish independence ★ Sunshine ★ Wacky hairdos

Stuff I hate:
Advertising ★ Attention-seekers ★ Being a fat bastard ★ Capitalism ★ Depression ★ Drama-merchants ★ Greed ★ Inequality ★ The mainstream media ★ Narcissists ★ People who blame poverty on the poor and unemployment on the unemployed ★ Racism ★ Selfishness ★ Violence and war

My music communities:
glasgow_gigs: Glasgow gigs ★ edinburgh_punk: Punk in Edinburgh ★ punk_in_fife: Punk in Fife

My Scottish locomotive communities:
brdiesels: Diesel locomotives ★ brdmus: Diesel multiple-units ★ brsteam: BR Standard steam locomotives ★ crlocomotives: Caledonian Railway locomotives ★ gcrlocomotives: Great Central Railway locomotives
gnsrlocomotives: Great North of Scotland Railway locomotives ★ gswrlocomotives: Glasgow & South Western Railway locomotives ★ hrlocomotives: Highland Railway locomotives
industrialsteam: Industrial steam locomotives ★ lmsrlocomotives: London Midland & Scottish Railway locomotives ★ lnerlocomotives: London & North Eastern Railway locomotives ★ nbrlocomotives: North British Railway locomotives

My Scottish railway communities:
scottishrsl: Scottish Railway Stations and Locations ★ scottishrtt: Scottish Railway Timetables

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ac/dc, alice in chains, anarcho-punk, anarchy, anti-bullshit, anti-fascism, anti-fascist, anti-nazi, anti-nuclear, anti-racism, anti-violence, anti-war, atheism, bass guitar, big boots, bisexual women, black clothing, cardiacs, cats, charlotte hatherley, classic metal, classic punk, classic rock, co-operation, communication, crass, dead can dance, deep purple, die so fluid, diesel locomotives, dyed hair, echobelly, ecology, edinburgh, environmentalism, enya, equality, erotica, ethnic diversity, exploring, facial piercings, feminine curves, fishnet, fishnet stockings, fishnets, focus, free expression, friends, generation x, gigs, good manners, goth, goth girls, gothic, gothic babes, gothic beauty, gothic metal, gothic style, gothic women, goths, green issues, grunge, guitar solos, heavy metal, hugging, hugs, intimacy, jimi hendrix, killing joke, kneesocks, labret piercings, lacuna coil, leggings, lesbians, liberty spikes, livejournal, loudness, manic street preachers, meaningful conversation, metal, michael schenker, mohawks, mohicans, music, mutual respect, mutual support, my dying bride, nirvana, non-conformity, nudity, oi polloi, paradise lost, patchouli, peace, photography, pierced nipples, piercings, politeness, politics, pro-science, public transport, punk, punk gigs, punk girls, punk hairstyles, punk rock, punk style, punk women, pvc, railway stations, railway timetables, railways, recycling, ripped stockings, ripped tights, rush, scotland, scottish independence, scottish railways, self-sufficiency, septum piercings, sex, sex pistols, shred metal, skids, smashing pumpkins, social equality, socialism, soundgarden, status quo, steam locomotives, stockings, stone temple pilots, subhumans, summer, sunshine, symphony x, the damned, the rezillos, the stranglers, the sweet, trad-goth, trains, travel, travelling, type o negative, vegetarian, vegetarianism, women, x-ray spex

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