Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

Welcome to friends new and old!

As Instagram recently took it upon itself to block me from adding new contacts, captioning my own photos, and 'liking' and commenting on my contacts' photos twice in as many weeks, I have discontinued my use of that site and have invited my contacts from Instagram and Facebook to join me here on LiveJournal instead. If you saw my post on Instagram regarding this or have received an invitation by e-mail from me to set up a LiveJournal account, please do so: nothing will make me happier! Setting up a LiveJournal account is easy. The account set-up page is here. All you need is a unique user-name and a password. Basic accounts are free. There is no obligation to post regular updates on here if you don't want to, but the occasional comment to let me know you're reading will be gratefully received.

For reasons of privacy and security, most of my posts are viewable by LiveJournal friends only. In addition to written posts, I post photos regularly, including all of those that I recently posted on Instagram. All will be revealed when and if you decide to add me.
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