Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

My 1990s Top Ten

I think the early-to-mid-nineties were great for music. I was spoiled for choice in the first part of the decade and had to omit quite a few favourites, but the choice tended to thin out towards the end of the nineties. The songs I've posted here are mostly a mix of grunge and gothic metal, along with a more thrashy element from Megadeth and Pantera, which I love for their amazingly technical playing and despite the fact that Dave Mustaine and Phil Anselmo have shown themselves to be a couple of right wing, racist tossers. The fact that their bands produced some classic music does not mean I approve of their obnoxious views.

From Rust In Peace, released 24th September, 1990.

From Badmotorfinger, released 8th October, 1991.

From Vulgar Display of Power, released 25th February, 1992.

From A Guide to Black Psychedelia, released 20th September, 1993.

From The Holy Bible, released 29th August, 1994.

From Draconian Times, released 12th June, 1995.

From The Future Is Medium, released 27th May, 1996.

From Album of the Year, released 3rd June, 1997.

From Peaceville X compilation, released 1998.

From 13, released 15th March, 1999.
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