Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

My 1980s Top Ten

There were a few fairly barren years for music during the early 1980s (1982 having a particularly thin selection of songs I consider to be classics), so I've had to make a few compromises in my choice of songs from this decade. I think most of my favourites from the 1980s would be categorised as classic metal: evidently, the 1980s were the decade for metal, although it didn't really seem that way to me at the time. It was a genre that was almost totally ignored by radio, TV and, with the exception of the fairly awful Kerrang! (which mostly concerned itself with cheesy hair-metal bands and bland American AOR crap), the music press. I doubt if Kerrang! would have had much to say about most of the bands I've listed here.

From Wheels of Steel, released 5th May, 1980.

From the St. Valentine's Day Massacre EP, released 1st February, 1981.

From Assault Attack, released October 1982.

From Piece of Mind, released 16th May, 1983.

From Disillusion, released 1st July, 1984.

From The Knightmoves 12", released 1985.

From Ruler of the Wasteland, released June 1986.

From the Screaming Life EP, released 1st October, 1987.

From Perpetual Burn, released August 1988.

From Thunder and Consolation, released 15th March, 1989.
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