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A walk along the South Queensferry Branch

Photos taken during a walk from Newbridge to South Queensferry along the old Kirkliston branch on 15th August, 2010. At Kirkliston, I stopped to take a look at Kirkliston Parish Church. I'd have to say it's not a thing of any great beauty, having had various bits removed and added over the centuries, but it's certainly very ancient. I was in it once for a harvest service when I was at Kirkliston Primary School in the early 1970s, but I can't remember much about it apart from the musty smell and how old and dark the woodwork looked. My parents were non-religious, and churches were and remain very unfamiliar places to me. I could probably count on the fingers of both hands the number of times in my life I've been inside one.

I saw masses of these pea-like flowers in all shades from white, through pink, to deep purple whilst walking along the old Kirkliston branch line from Newbridge to Dalmeny on 15th August, 2010. A flick through my Wild Flowers of Britain book has identified the plant as Indian Balsam. "Nearly all balsams are naturalised foreigners. Indian balsam was introduced from its Asiatic homeland in 1839 and grown in greenhouses before it escaped into the wild."

The River Almond viewed from the viaduct at Kirkliston that carried the old railway from Ratho to South Queensferry. The section from Newbridge to South Queensferry is now a footpath, and I walked along it on the beautiful day of 15th August, 2010.

The old doorway in the south wall of Kirkliston Parish Church, which dates from the late 1100s. Unfortunately it has been blocked up during later alterations. 15th August, 2010.

A view of Kirkliston Parish Church on 15th August, 2010.

Having walked from Newbridge along the trackbed of the Kirkliston branch line on 15th August, 2010, I eventually arrived at South Queensferry and made my way along to the Hawes Pier by the Forth Bridge, from where I took this photo, just for the record.

A view along South Queensferry's very picturesque High Street in the late afternoon of 15th August, 2010.
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