Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

My 1970s Top Ten

I've been thinking for a while about posting a list of my top ten favourite tunes from each decade. I hope my idea might catch on, although I don't know how many of you were around in the 1970s!

From Deep Purple in Rock, released on 3rd June, 1970.

From Moving Waves, released in October 1971.

From Piledriver, released on 15th December, 1972.

7" single released in May 1973.

From Kimono My House, released in May 1974.

From Futurama, released in July 1975.

7" single released on 26th November, 1976.

From A Farewell to Kings, released on 1st September, 1977.

From The Debut Album From..., released 17th March, 1978.

From Black Rose: A Rock Legend, released on 13th April, 1979.

My 1980s Top Ten shall follow.

Right, me: let's get that kitchen tidied!
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