Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing


A miserable, chilly-looking snowman seen in the widow of a hairdresser's salon in St. Mary's Street, Edinburgh, 3rd December, 2004. I thought that, with a bit of editing, it might make a good 'I'm chilly' user-icon.
Tags: miscellaneous: 2004

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    The Fire Brigade attending a false alarm at the Travelodge in St. Mary's Street, 18th November, 2004. The Fire Brigade attending a false alarm…

  • Reflective object assignment

    Silver teapot photographed for reflective object assignment at Stevenson College, Edinburgh, 9th November, 2004. I found this a very challenging…

  • Computer corner

    Computer, desk and chair in the corner of my living-room at St. Mary's Street, Edinburgh, 15th October, 2004.

  • It's pishin' doon!

    The view from my living-room window during a torrential rainstorm on 17th August, 2004. The view from my bedroom window during a torrential…

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    Calton Hill, ablaze in sunlight, viewed from the St. James Centre on 14th March, 2004. A tulip in a bottle on my mantelpiece, 14th March, 2004.…

  • My humble abode

    The view from outside my flat towards the foot of St. Mary's Street, Edinburgh, 7th February, 2004. The building in Scottish Palatial style on the…

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