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Photos taken during a visit to Stirling on 6th May, 2003.

My hand after I made a complete public idiot of myself whilst attempting to climb over a safety barrier in Stirling on 6th May, 2003.

A view of Mar's Wark, an ancient, ruined nobleman's house in Mar Place, the road which leads to Stirling Castle, on 6th May, 2003.

Looking down St. John Street towards the centre of Stirling, 6th May, 2003.

Stirling Bridge and the Wallace Monument viewed from the esplanade of Stirling Castle, 6th May, 2003. I'd like to have had a look around the castle, but it was £7.50 to get in.

The Wallace Monument, the winding River Forth and the Ochil Hills in the distance viewed from the approach road to Stirling Castle, 6th May, 2003.

A monument in the old graveyard by Stirling Castle to Margaret Wilson, executed aged 18 by drowning in the Solway Firth, along with her sister, for refusing to renounce her Protestant faith. Religion: don't you just love it? Wouldn't Jesus have been proud! 6th May, 2003.

Westward view from Stirling Castle towards the upper Forth Valley and The Trossachs, 6th May, 2003.

Ancient dwellings in Stirling, 6th May, 2003. A plaque on the further-away white-painted building declares it to be the residence of Robert Spittal, tailor to King James IV of Scotland, dated 1530.

Statue of Rob Roy MacGregor in Stirling, 6th May, 2003.

Statue of Robert Burns in Stirling. (They have statues of everyone in Stirling!) 6th May, 2003.
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