Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

Derailment at Waverley Station

Derailment of empty carriages of the Caledonian Sleeper in Waverley Station, Edinburgh, 5th January, 2007, perfectly-timed during track-layout alterations at the west end of the station to cause maximum disruption to services. The cause, as I immediately suspected at the time, was a set of points leading to one of the platform roads which hadn't been securely clamped out of use, allowing them to move beneath the train as it passed over them, fortunately at low speed. Note the Network Rail operatives in hi-vis jackets on the parapet above the Mound Tunnel, no doubt instructed to keep journalists and interested members of the public at bay, corporate paranoia and secrecy being what it now is.

Westward view from Waverley Bridge on 5th January, 2007, showing carriages of the empty Edinburgh-London sleeping-car train which derailed on approach to the station. The incident blocked one of the four roads into the station, while another two were out of use due to the alterations to platforms and trackwork that were taking place, thus effectively blocking the station to all traffic. As is usual nowadays, it took two days to remove the derailed carriages; prior to privatisation, the railway's own steam crane would have been summoned for from Haymarket Depot and the vehicles re-railed immediately. Now, the railway owns no cranes, and such incidents must be investigated and blame and compensation-payments apportioned amongst the numerous companies into which the railway has been fragmented before the line can be cleared: so much for 'the efficiency of the market'.
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