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Buses of Edinburgh

LRT No. 708, a 2005 Volvo B7TL with Wright Eclipse Gemini bodywork in 'The Lady Victoria' route livery, heading westbound on Service 3 from Gorebridge to Clovenstone at the Scott Monument stop in Princes Street, 28th April, 2011. The Lady Victoria was the name of the large colliery at Newtongrange which is now the home of the Scottish Mining Museum.

LRT No. 297, a 2000 Volvo B7TL with Plaxton President bodywork in the old 'Harlequin' livery, heads westbound at the Scott Monument stop in Princes Street on Service 4 from The Jewel to Hillend, 28th April, 2011. I thought this garish livery was much less attractive than Edinburgh's traditional madder and white colours which have now been reintroduced.

Heading westbound at the Scott Monument stop in Princes Street, 28th April, 2011, are LRT buses Nos. 614, a 2001 Dennis Trident with Plaxton President bodywork on Service 12 from Seafield to the Gyle Centre, and 676, a 2004 TransBus Trident with TransBus President bodywork on Service 25 from Restalrig to Riccarton. Both are in the old 'Harlequin' livery. I don't know what the red and gold squares along the body-sides were actually supposed to represent, but they always made me think of exhaust-fumes belching from the bus!
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