Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

Inverness Station

BR class 08 shunter No. 08 568 engaged in station pilot duties at Inverness Station, 3rd September, 1977.

A Birmingham RCW Type 2 (Class 26) at Inverness, 3rd September, 1977. I think it has arrived from north or west of Inverness via the Rose Street Curve and reversed its train into one of the southbound platforms, thus positioning the locomotive at the head of the train so that it can be released for servicing.

An unidentified Birmingham RCW Type 2 (Class 26) alongside class 08 No. 08 568 at Inverness station, 3rd September, 1977.

Parcels are transferred to BRUTE trolleys from BR Swindon Cross-Country (TOPS Class 120) 3-car DMU No. 306 which had recently arrived at Platform 3 of Inverness Station in the morning of 3rd September, 1977. I hope the driver removed that tail-light before departing! Image scanned and restored from a severely damaged print.
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