Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

Haymarket Shed Open Day

Class 08 0-6-0DE shunter No. 08 881 stands outside the east end of Haymarket Shed during the Open Day on 24th September, 1977.

BR Derby Type 2 (Class 25) No. 25 068 stands outside the eastern end of Haymarket Shed during the Open Day on 24th September, 1977. Standing on the adjacent road is a Birmingham RCW Type 2 (Class 27).

English Electric Type 4 (Class 40) No. 40 061 on display during the Haymarket Depot Open Day, 24th September, 1977.

Brand-new Eastern Region Class 254 High-Speed Train No. 254 002 on display at Haymarket Depot Open Day, Edinburgh, 24th September, 1977. The drivers of these trains say they're the best trains ever built. Certainly they're reliable, they have big, roomy cabs, and bags of power and good brakes. Once, when I hadn't been long on the railway, I was given unofficial permission to drive one. I took it from Edinburgh to Newcastle, and on a straight and level stretch south of Berwick-upon-Tweed it maintained a steady 130mph, 5mph more than the official maximum. This wouldn't be possible nowadays as all trains are now fitted with an electronic spy-in-the-cab. Almost all of these trains are still in service after thirty or more years and most have recently had new power-units fitted, so they should be around for a few more years to come.

English Electric Type 5 (Class 55) 'Deltic' No. 55 012 CREPELLO at platform 20 of Waverley Station, Edinburgh, with the RPPR Silver Jubilee special, 07:45 from London King's Cross, 24th September, 1977.

Class 55 'Deltic' No. 55 014 THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON'S REGIMENT on arrival at platforms 10 & 11 of Waverley Station, Edinburgh, with the 07:55 service from London King's Cross on 24th September, 1977.
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