October 22nd, 2011



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As the Tickets Scotland shop in Edinburgh didn't have tickets for the forthcoming Die So Fluid gig in Glasgow, I headed through to Weegieland on 22nd October, 2011, to purchase a ticket. Seeing as I'd forked out over £11 for the train-fare, I decided to have a wee stride around the city centre whilst there, and began by wandering up Sauchiehall Street to see if I could find some charidee shops to have a rake around in. I only found one, and it didn't have the items I was looking for: candles; my living-room, for the warming-up of. As ever, I was struck by the ugliness of Glasgow. That's not to say it doesn't have some lovely old buildings. It does: plenty of them. According to the plaque on the wall at its near end, this building in Sauchiehall Street is a 'Glasgow Landmark'. In fact, it is the Grecian Chambers; the work of Alexander 'Greek' Thomson, the famous Glasgow architect. In style, it certainly typifies the mid-Victorian Glasgow style of architecture: it couldn't be anywhere else. And right next to it...

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