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Portobello Beach

Sunday, 1st May, 2011 | 13:42
Location: Edinburgh

A view along Portobello Beach on 1st May, 2011.

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'Remember Chernobyl' at Bannerman's, Edinburgh

Sunday, 1st May, 2011 | 23:37
Location: Edinburgh
Music: Rush - Closer to the Heart | Powered by Last.fm

Oi Polloi, Liberty, Happy Spastics, Down To Kill, Pissed On Pissed Off, Facehandle, Ana Trash & the Sociopaths and T-34 at Remember Chernobyl, Bannerman's, Edinburgh, 1st May, 2011.

Poster for Remember Chernobyl at Bannerman's, Edinburgh, 30th April and 1st May, 2011.

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