July 8th, 2010


Some photos from a wee trip I made on 8th July, 2010, to Prestonpans, a small town in East Lothian, just a few miles to the east of Edinburgh. I've often passed it by on the train but had never looked around it before, and it seems a lovely, quiet wee place. The houses and gardens that I passed while exploring the town were all nicely kept, though most of them were council or ex-council. I might have hung around for longer and done a bit more exploring, but the sky was a dismal grey and the wind never let up all the time I was there. As ever, the sun was shining and folk were sunbathing in Princes Street Gardens when I got back to Edinburgh!

Exceedingly puerile graffiti seen on a sign in Royal Park Terrace near Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, 8th July, 2010.

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