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A missed opportunity

Sunday, 31st May, 2009 | 15:51
Location: Edinburgh

The dilapidated and unattractive Calton Road entrance to Waverley Station, Edinburgh, 31st May, 2009. Sidings serving the GPO formerly passed beneath the exposed girder section and below the remaining section of raised walkway from which the photo was taken, while, to the left, a gangway once led from the stairs on Calton Road to a roof-level walkway which ran across the station to Jeffrey Street. The walkway - but not the gangways leading to it at each end - still exists, but Network Rail has announced plans to remove it during forthcoming reroofing work. However, a clause in the original permission for the rebuilding of the station in the 1890s states that public access from Calton Road to Jeffrey Street must be maintained in perpetuity, and a campaign has recently been launched for the reinstatement of the walkway.

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