October 23rd, 2007


A walk from Kirkcaldy to Aberdour

View along The Prom from Linktown towards Kirkcaldy on the warm and sunny afternoon of 23rd October, 2007. Following that year's miserable, wet summer, this was the first proper 'summer' weather we'd had, and I spent the day walking along the shore of the Firth of Forth from Kirkcaldy to Dalgety Bay. The sand here looks very dirty; it is contaminated with coal-mining 'redd' (waste) which was for many years dumped on the shore further along the coast at Dysart, East Wemyss and Methil, and has been washed here by the tide. It seems incredible that an industry could be allowed to get away with doing such obvious and irreparable damage to the environment for so long.

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