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Not a plane-crash

Sunday, 31st July, 2005 | 23:03
Location: Edinburgh

Late on this evening, I was startled by a horrifying noise, and my immediate thought was that a plane was about to crash, if not into my house, then somewhere in the immediate vicinity. It seemed to go on for a long time, and was followed by a bang and a shattering-sound. I looked out of my window and found that a white van had crashed in the street below. I presume the driver had swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle and had lost control, and had slid some distance down the cobbled street. I saw no evidence of another vehicle having been involved or of anyone having been injured, but the van appeared to be a write-off. Considering how constantly-busy my street is and how frequently cars go flying through the traffic-lights at the top and bottom of it at 40 or 50mph, it's surprising that incidents like this haven't happened more often. Incidentally, the city-centre speed-limit was then 30mph. It's now 20mph, but motorists frequently disregard it.

The aftermath of a road-accident viewed from my living-room window in St. Mary's Street, Edinburgh, in the evening of 31st July, 2005.

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