Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

Assorted sights of Edinburgh

A female duck and ducklings in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, 15th May, 2008. A most unexpected sight, as the nearest water (The Water of Leith, or perhaps St. Margaret's Loch in Holyrood Park) must be at least a mile away. What were they doing there?

Female duck and ducklings in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, 15th May, 2008.

T-shirt seen in a shop-window at Newcraighall shopping-centre, Edinburgh, 15th May, 2008. Who can spot what's wrong with it?

The side of Edinburgh that the tourists never see: hideously ugly 1960s flats by the Union Canal at Wester Hailes. Your average prison looks about as attractive. Some similar blocks in the area have been demolished over the past few years, but these particular ones have been tarted-up for some reason, and people are apparently expected to live in them. Besides their ugliness, they are located right on the south-western edge of town, about an hour's travelling-time by bus from the city centre, so they could hardly be less conveniently-located. 15th May, 2008.

A dandelion clock by the Union Canal near Slateford, Edinburgh, 15th May, 2008. If anyone knows the correct botanical terminology for these things, feel free to let me know!

Mother-duck and ducklings still in Princes Street Gardens in the late afternoon of 15th May, 2008. Although only two can be seen here, there were five or six ducklings altogether.
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