Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

Apostrophe fails

A multitude of missing apostrophes seen in Edinburgh on 27th June, 2004.

Barnets: a hairdresser's, perhaps? Actually, it's an independent footwear shop in Edinburgh's High Street. 27th June, 2004.

McCalls: a telephone service for teuchters, perhaps? High Street, Edinburgh, 27th June, 2004.

Perhaps this pub features several life-size waxworks of the inventor of the television! High Street, Edinburgh, 27th June, 2004.

By some miracle, their A-board manages to get it right! Seen outside Logie Baird's Bar, High Street, Edinburgh, 27th June, 2004.

Greggs; four in number, judging from the logo. South Bridge, Edinburgh, 27th June, 2004.

A shop apparently selling kids and gifts, South Bridge, Edinburgh, 27th June, 2004.

Perhaps a Starbuck is a beverage of some sort? Hunter Square, Edinburgh, 27th June, 2004.

I can't think of a non-racially-aggravating humorous comment for this one. Seen in Elm Row, Edinburgh, 27th June, 2004.
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