Michael Laing (rock_dinosaur) wrote,
Michael Laing

A no-mans-land of motorways

Computer, desk and chair in the corner of my living-room at St. Mary's Street, Edinburgh, 15th October, 2004.

A series of photos I took for my HND Photography college course on the theme of the destruction and desolation brought about by urban motorways. The inner city of Glasgow has been ruined to a particularly appalling extent by these.

Glasgow's infamous Motorway to Nowhere at Tradeston, which has existed since the opening of the Kingston Bridge in 1971. These redundant carriageways still exist despite the recent opening of the M74 extension into the city, to which they were presumably intended to connect. Seen circa October 2004.

The Motorway to Nowhere at Tradeston, circa October 2004.

Once streets, houses and community; now a huge concrete no-man's-land. A view beneath the overhead motorway between Tradeston and Kingston, circa October 2004.

Beneath the M8 motorway at Wallace Street near the Kingston Bridge, circa October 2004.
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